All you need to know about Instagram doing their part to support small businesses through story sticker options. 

Learn more about LinkedIn’s new conversation ads offerings and how you can best use them!

Achieving your business goals efficiently by selecting the best social media campaign objectives.

Be sure to optimize for voice...voice search is all about the long tail search queries…it is the year of voice. Of course all these things are very true. Have you stopped to really think about voice search, and started to wonder; what is the point? Is this relevant for my business right now? Isn't this going to pull traffic away from my website? Let’s use a healthcare marketi ...

Facebook is getting rid of their Partner Categories ad targeting over the next few months. While this will affect businesses that heavily rely on third-party data, these changes are not surprising. In fact, they can help increase transparency online.

The Year of Voice. If the decade-long ‘Year of Mobile’ was any indication, we’ll be hearing this statement for quite some time. It’s unquestionable, though, as marketing professionals and business people, we need to make our Voice roadmap a priority. From interns to the C-suite, understanding the broad categories will help advertisers organize how we want to think about Voice trends and implications.

The time has come. Google first announced in September 2016 that it would be removing converted clicks as an option for conversion bid metrics. Now, in March 2017, Google will be removing the “converted click” metric and all related data from AdWords. This will leave the “conversion” column as the main metric to measure acquisition.

Learn how to personalize your PPC campaigns by adapting to the way people search today. By optimizing ad groups and keywords for long-tail voice queries and “near me” phrases, you can better reach your audience with the right message at the right time.

Originally slated for February 6th, Google has officially launched ‘Automatic Call Extensions’ as of February 21st, 2017. If your site has a “prominently featured phone number” and you have not opted out, Google will automatically add this number to your mobile search ads as a call extension. Evaluate your media objectives and decide how to opt out of automatic call extensions and learn reasons why you would want to. 

3 Resolutions You Should Actually Keep

Each new year we promise ourselves goals that let’s face it we never keep. Life takes over and some of us fall back into our old ways, I know I already have and we are only one month down! According to think with Google, 40% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions but only 8% of the country actually achieves them! When it comes to sticking to your paid media goals however, this should be non-negotiable. Here are three simple resolutions you can implement into your paid media that will go a long way.