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A complete image and video sizing guide for all major ad publishers, including Facebook, Instagram and Google.

Expanding your paid search reach to new, qualified audiences doesn’t have to be a challenge anymore. Google’s Similar Audiences for Search is now out of beta and takes the guesswork out of developing the perfect audience pool by targeting individuals that are similar to those in your remarketing lists. Gain deeper insights into Similar Audiences for Search and why you should be leveraging it.

Did you hear that? Listen closely … That sound you hear is another brand dropping out of YouTube due to brand safety concerns.

What have you decided as a brand? If you are on the fence, we are here to give you our take. And if you’ve already left YouTube, here’s another perspective to consider.

What’s the deal?

Over the past couple of weeks, Google has been facing some major heat for allowing its ads to appear alongside sensitive and offensive videos on YouTube. Although the internet giant has apologized for its mistake, several high-profile firms such as Marks & Spencer and HSBC have already begun pulling advertising for British markets from Google sites. Even the British government has suspended its advertising on YouTube. As part of our campaign management process, we routinely review placement reports for the display campaigns we run. In doing so, we recently noticed our ads were appearing on politically-charged editorial websites that one of our clients DID NOT want to be associated with.

Tailwind recently got back a brand lift study from one of our client’s super bowl ads. Brand lift is the direct impact your ads have on your customer’s perceptions and behaviors throughout the consumer journey. Many platforms utilize brand lift studies and by testing this you gain real-time insights into your brand affinity. After all this work before and during the super bowl, I wondered how we were going to give our client tangible metrics. This is why a brand lift study is so crucial and fills those unmeasurable gaps. In this article, I will be addressing three major questions you might have before launching a brand lift study. What is a brand lift study? Why would I want to do a brand lift study? What makes brand lift studies so powerful?

The world has gone through drastic change over the past billion years. Our planet has endured varying climates, from scorching heat to frigid temperatures, making it virtually uninhabitable. However, somehow we’ve managed to survive. Why? Because we’ve learned to adapt.

Adaptation is the key to survival, so what makes online advertising any different? As times change, consumer habits and preferences evolve. For example, with the uprising of the digital world, time spent online is much higher than in the past. New technologies continue to be developed and consumers are utilizing a variety of devices - tablets, smartphones, laptops - to conduct research, watch movies, play video games, shop, etc.

Last week, we covered AMP and what it means for advertising. Definitely check that out before proceeding, as the basics of AMP are important to understand first. This week, we explore what it could mean for the places you send your advertising to: landing pages and conversion experiences among the many.

We’re a couple weeks post BOLO and still amped (pun intended) about how incredible it was. Among the many great talks was John Strebler at Sitewire who provided some great insight into Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This week, we’ll dig into how AMP impacts advertising. Next week, we’ll discuss how this could impact your paid media landing pages and conversion experience. ...