The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is going to take effect in May. It shows a crackdown on data privacy and security and will lead to changes in data tracking for any business that operates in Europe. The changes lead to more consumer control over their data, and being caught unaware can lead to significant fines.

The Year of Voice. If the decade-long ‘Year of Mobile’ was any indication, we’ll be hearing this statement for quite some time. It’s unquestionable, though, as marketing professionals and business people, we need to make our Voice roadmap a priority. From interns to the C-suite, understanding the broad categories will help advertisers organize how we want to think about Voice trends and implications.

If you’ve turned on the news sometime in the last six months, you’ve probably heard someone either laud or bemoan the repeal of Net Neutrality. It’s the hot-button issue that’s set the internet on fire over the last year; but how much of the fuss is truly warranted?

Tailwind has put together a point of view all around the Facebook newsfeed story. Read about some of our best practices to get ahead of these algorithm changes. Read our take on this news story what it could mean for brands on social. We would love to chat about this and how this could affect your company's presence on social. 


Location tracking data is getting creepy, and marketers can’t brush it off.

For marketers, understanding consumer behavior can be incredibly frustrating. How can we prove the impact of online advertising when an entire world exists outside of our computer screens? Transactions don’t just take place via online shopping carts - real-world conversions represent a large, and very difficult to attribute, a segment of conversions. It’s easy to feel like the impact of digital marketing isn’t being recognized when the data never seems to stretch far enough.

You’ve decided to take your business or client into the paid social media space, great decision! You’ve built a decent organic following and now you want to take the next step and put some budget behind social promotions. But where do you start? More importantly, which social media platform is best for reaching my audience?

Expanding your paid search reach to new, qualified audiences doesn’t have to be a challenge anymore. Google’s Similar Audiences for Search is now out of beta and takes the guesswork out of developing the perfect audience pool by targeting individuals that are similar to those in your remarketing lists. Gain deeper insights into Similar Audiences for Search and why you should be leveraging it.

Plain exposure of your ads isn't enough anymore. TV advertising is starting to fail, but over the top video advertising, like YouTube, can. Tailwind shows you their top three best practices for creating attention captivating ads. Be the advertising exception so your consumers do not just reach for the popcorn and tune out. 

Did you hear that? Listen closely … That sound you hear is another brand dropping out of YouTube due to brand safety concerns.

What have you decided as a brand? If you are on the fence, we are here to give you our take. And if you’ve already left YouTube, here’s another perspective to consider.

Don’t be limited by Google Analytics’ default tracking implementation. Gain deeper insight with 4 easy ways to leverage the powerful Custom Dimensions feature within Google Analytics and start segmenting your data based on your unique business needs.