Learn how to personalize your PPC campaigns by adapting to the way people search today. By optimizing ad groups and keywords for long-tail voice queries and “near me” phrases, you can better reach your audience with the right message at the right time.

Originally slated for February 6th, Google has officially launched ‘Automatic Call Extensions’ as of February 21st, 2017. If your site has a “prominently featured phone number” and you have not opted out, Google will automatically add this number to your mobile search ads as a call extension. Evaluate your media objectives and decide how to opt out of automatic call extensions and learn reasons why you would want to. 

3 Resolutions You Should Actually Keep

Each new year we promise ourselves goals that let’s face it we never keep. Life takes over and some of us fall back into our old ways, I know I already have and we are only one month down! According to think with Google, 40% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions but only 8% of the country actually achieves them! When it comes to sticking to your paid media goals however, this should be non-negotiable. Here are three simple resolutions you can implement into your paid media that will go a long way.

The world has gone through drastic change over the past billion years. Our planet has endured varying climates, from scorching heat to frigid temperatures, making it virtually uninhabitable. However, somehow we’ve managed to survive. Why? Because we’ve learned to adapt.

Adaptation is the key to survival, so what makes online advertising any different? As times change, consumer habits and preferences evolve. For example, with the uprising of the digital world, time spent online is much higher than in the past. New technologies continue to be developed and consumers are utilizing a variety of devices - tablets, smartphones, laptops - to conduct research, watch movies, play video games, shop, etc.

Get the most out of your Google Analytics site tracking. Here are 4 ways to leverage the Multi-Channel Funnels Reports to gain insight into how your paid media channels, Social Media Posts, and Landing pages work together to drive converters to your site.