Did you hear that? Listen closely … That sound you hear is another brand dropping out of YouTube due to brand safety concerns.


What have you decided as a brand? If you are on the fence, we are here to give you our take. And if you’ve already left YouTube, here’s another perspective to consider.


Brand safety is not a new topic. Not new to our industry or our organization. In fact, in 2013, our sister agency Sitewire, launched a brand safe content network with the intention to give brands a safe place to promote content to their target audience. There has always been inappropriate content on YouTube, and the responsibility to closely monitor and minimize issues relies on who you’ve hired to manage your advertising campaigns. Your agency is responsible for protecting your brand and investment in digital media.


Nothing has actually changed on YouTube, what has though, is the brand visibility into the not so great paid media management practices. This doesn’t just apply to YouTube, it is everywhere you place media.


The bottom line? It takes work. Human work. You cannot rely solely on technology to handle the problems. In fact, technology is what has blown up this topic. We live in a tech overloaded space where automation is taking over and removing the human element. What that results in is over-automation and not enough human logic at the table. Even Google has announced that in addition to some new tech based filters, they are adding actual human eyes to review content. So if Google is working people into their filter, your agency better.


The good news about these raised concerns is Google putting in additional safeguards to protect brands even more. Google already has controls for advertisers to show up when and where they’d like, and they are adding more exclusion options of high-risk content. We have a great reference with tips on how to manage YouTube campaigns to minimize these issues. I do want to emphasize the ongoing aspect. Our team doesn’t just take these actions once and then move on. It’s constant. Daily in fact. And if you don’t know how often your agency does these activities... ask. If you don’t like the answer? Maybe it’s time to start working with an agency who will give it to you straight. You know where to find us.

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Managing Director, Tailwind

With over ten years of experience in driving direct response and brand awareness, Leslie has worked with clients of all shapes and sizes. Her writing reflects her belief in a strong balance between technology and using human intelligence, all while not getting wrapped up in the latest and greatest industry lingo. Learn more about her on LinkedIn.

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