You are in marketing, so funnel is your middle name.
You are in marketing, so funnel is your middle name.

Be sure to optimize for voice...voice search is all about the long tail search queriesit is the year of voice. Of course all these things are very true.

Have you stopped to really think about voice search, and started to wonder; what is the point? Is this relevant for my business right now? Isn't this going to pull traffic away from my website? Let’s use a healthcare marketing executive as our example. She asks:

Why does it really matter to my business if we prompt a voice result for the question “what is the medical term for a heart attack?” No one will come to our website or have an immediate path to continue engaging with us at that point.

It’s a very valid question with two important considerations:

You can’t resist change

The harder to digest, yet hard truth is that consumers are changing the way they search, using more conversational tones and asking full questions on voice devices. This changes the way we think about “keywords” and the intent behind those queries. Soon, voice search will match or surpass traditional search. To maintain rankings and performance, you must be optimized for this.

You already know how to be strategic with funnels

You are in marketing, so funnel is your middle name. You've many times thought about your user's journey starting with brand awareness, moving to consideration, and ending in conversion. Now, overlay those same stages with voice search and you can see with familiarity how to use voice to “convert” people. Let's continue with our healthcare example.

The Awareness phase sees more educational phrases such as “what is the medical term for a heart attack” or “can you get an MRI without insurance?” While the auditory result may mention the brand, it is really about providing education and utility at this point. By developing a presence for this phase, you are building awareness. A deep and conversational content strategy is key here.

In the Consideration phase the user may ask “how do I find out if I am at risk for a heart attack” or “what type of doctors perform MRIs?” You are still providing educational or utility information, and your presence at this phase makes it more likely you will be considered in the next phase.

In the Conversion phase, the question may be “find a cardiologist near me that accepts Aetna,” and it is here you have the chance to be present when someone is converting, or finally engaging with your business to become a customer. If you try and focus only on this phase, you likely won’t have enough domain authority, and the searching user won’t have built up awareness or a relationship with your brand.

Although a "what is the medical term for a heart attack" voice result will likely take traffic away from your site, you can see why it impacts your business to be present across all phases for voice search success. In the coming years, voice search success will just be plain ol' success. If you have questions, reach out to for a chat.

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