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Tailwind Digital Minute Flash Briefing for April 14, 2019

From the Tailwind offices in Tempe Arizona, it's the week of April 14, 2019 and this is your Digital Minute. I'm Bri Larkin.

HIPAA Compliant Alexa Skills

In hopes of further involving technology into everyday healthcare, Amazon is positioning its voice assistant, Alexa, to help doctors and researchers identify trends and identify candidates for research studies by using patient’s medical data. Director of Search, Ryan Gudmundson, explains his take on this new direction of voice utilization.

"I think there are three Amazon Echo Skills available that are focused and geared toward the healthcare industry. People can find clinics nearby, get refills for their prescriptions, as well as a couple other things, and it kinda made news headlines last week just because they came out and said that these skills were HIPAA compliant which is pretty substantial. Once we start thinking about how voice technology or voice interacting with content can grow for brands or whoever, making sure that those things are secure or trustworthy is going to be more and more important as people become more concerned with that information being spread or accessible across other devices, other websites, or other voice applications.."

For Google, a rep of the company said its policies don’t allow “actions” that involve the transmission of information that could be considered protected health information. We’re excited to see how these technologies evolve in both functionality and in security over time.

Facebook Moves to Campaign Level Budgets

Meanwhile, Facebook is moving all budgets to the campaign level to help advertisers spend more efficiently. Media Analyst, Priscilla Plazola explains what you should know about this new update.

"So it’s interesting that Facebook launched this campaign level budget optimization, because they’ve had it in the past. You could actually control your budgets at the campaign level and the ad set level, but it looks like they’re trying to eliminate the ad set level entirely so that you’re only controlling budgets at the campaign level. The good, it makes things simple. Managing your budgets, it’s a lot easier, it's quicker,  and the system essentially optimizes towards the best performing ad sets, which we’ve seen success in the past. But going into the bad, again you’ll no longer be able to control the budget at the ad sets level so you don’t have that granular control. That being said, you won’t be able to ensure all of your ad sets are getting equal amount of spend. So if you’re trying to do audience testing, one of the assets might get all of the spend, and all of the traffic, in which case it wouldn’t be a fair A/B test."

These changes are planned to take effect in September of 2019.

Food Delivery Robots at Arizona's NAU

In other news, Northern Arizona University recently introduced food delivery robots on their campus in Flagstaff back in March. These robots, which are basically large coolers on wheels, are designed to pick up food from campus restaurants and deliver them anywhere on NAU’s campus for $2. Similar to what you might see with Uber Eats or GrubHub, customers are able to select what food they want and then designate and drop a pin that tells the robot where to meet them. If you are familiar with NAU’s campus, you know that that area receives their fair share of snow throughout the year. The cool thing about these robots is that they are actually able to operate in snow and rain, and even dodge various obstacles, such as snow banks and pedestrians using a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence sensors. According to Sodexo, the service behind the robots, the delivery robots have the ability to cross streets, climb curbs, and travel at night for all those late night study session cravings.

Being an Arizona State Sun Devil, I am incredibly jealous of this new service. However, I am excited to see if something similar pops up in Tempe here soon.     

Thank you for tuning in to this week’s episode of the Digital Minute. If you would like to learn more about some of the topics we've covered today, join us over at for a full transcription of the Digital Minute as well as links to further resources and information. Until next week, I'm Bri Larkin.


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