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Tailwind Digital Minute Flash Briefing for April 7, 2019

From the Tailwind offices in Tempe Arizona, it's the week of April 7, 2019 and this is your Digital Minute. I'm Bri Larkin.

OK Google, Talk to Walmart

While the Amazon Echo has been able to utilize the Amazon store and e-commerce platforms across Alexa devices, Google has been working closely with Walmart and recently announced a partnership enabling voice based grocery shopping. Tailwind's Alex Kulpinski shared his thoughts on the matter.

"So this is obviously a direct competition effort with Amazon. So Walmart's really trying to step into the voice realm by partnering with Google, they obviously don't have their own hardware available. So Google's stepping in on all of their Google Assistant power devices to be able to order directly through Walmart for groceries. A couple of things here, first off, you have to actually open the Walmart's app within your Google device. So it's not gonna be quite as seamless as Amazon, you'll actually have to say, hey, Google, talk to Walmart, as opposed to on Amazon, where you can just say reorder milk.

Also, they're going to be integrating a lot of past purchase behavior into the recommendations. So instead of having to specify exactly what type of product you want, Google is going to be able to understand based on your past purchases, what product you actually are referring to without having to be specific every single time. Walmart's also saying that other platforms aside from just Google will be added into the program in time, but it's likely not going to include Alexa because we know Google and Amazon don't play nice together."

Be sure to check out this new integration within the next month on your Google Home Assistant or mobile device.

Bing Action Extensions

On Wednesday, Bing announced the global launch of their Action Extensions for Bing Ads. These new extensions will give advertisers access to much more eye catching buttons and CTAs across all Bing Ads markets and will be available in all Bing Ads supported languages.

What should advertisers expect? ... Beta testers, according to Bing, saw an average click thru rate increase of 20% when serving Action extensions. Long story short, as companies like Bing or Google continue to look at innovative ways to increase engagement and user interaction within their ad units, we should continue to see improved performance within our campaigns as well... and potentially at a premium... While the new extensions will be much more eye catching, Bing says that just like Ad Sitelinks, Action Extension clicks will cost the same as standard clicks on the main ad headline. With those higher CTRs, here's hoping for some lower CPCs!

With the launch on Wednesday, we do have to add one caveat... while beta users were able to customize their own CTAs similar to headlines and ad text, Bing's global release means advertisers have access to up to 70 pre-defined calls to action, thereby removing the customization element. That said, we here at Tailwind still feel pretty confident that you should be able to find a relevant CTA that meets the needs of your final ad creative.

That about covers it for this weeks edition of the Digital Minute. If you would like to learn more about some of the topics we've covered today, join us over at for a full transcription of the Digital Minute as well as links to further resources and information. Until next week, I'm Bri Larkin.

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