The Digital Minute From Tailwind

Last year, we focused on how and why people were using voice technologies. Voice search became a core competency for us, and we also dialed in on specific Voice products and skills. Just as much as podcasts and long form audio were becoming a thing, news outlets like NPR or the BBC gained traction for their utilization of briefings on the smart home speakers.


Thus, The Digital Minute was born!


So, what is The Digital Minute?

The Digital Minute is a weekly 3-minute show where Tailwind’s experts dive into the most audacious trends and headlines for the week. On this show, you can expect to hear anything from the newest features on top social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, to thought-provoking behavioral studies, such as why consumer spending patterns increase after chugging back a few beers.


Being in an industry that is constantly evolving, we needed an innovative way to aggregate and build information. In addition, we wanted to create a vehicle where you could quickly discover top trends in digital marketing, without spending hours reading through various blog posts (that you know you subscribe to but constantly delete).


How can I listen & support the show?

The Digital Minute From Tailwind is now available on all your favorite podcast listening apps, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Anchor. You can also tune in using your personal Voice assistant by downloading our free Alexa Skill


And if listening isn’t your thing, check out our transcribed flash briefing blog posts! Hint, hint - bookmark this link for all our thought provoking digital content.


What are the results so far?

This new offering has allowed us to continue to stay fresh with current news, events, and technologies in which we can relay back to our clients and own team members. As we continue to grow and further develop this line of communication, we look forward to helping lifelong learners one person at a time!


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