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Tailwind Digital Minute Flash Briefing for November 11th, 2019

Good morning listeners, today’s Monday, November 11th and this is your weekly digital minute. I’m David Ericson, Tailwind’s Search Specialist, and joining me today is our incredible intern in charge of marketing, Bri Larkin. Now we’ve got a lot of exciting topics to talk about this week, ranging from ads coming to the Uber Eats app to Nielsen splitting their work divisions so, without further ado, it’s about time for us to dive straight in to the first story of the week.

Uber Eats Will Be Launching Ad Sales Within The App

Alright, in a report delivered by Tech Crunch last week, it would appear to be that Uber Eats will be rolling out their own ad placements similar to restaurant ads for Google and Yelp.

That’s right, and similar to the insights Search Engine Land contributor Greg Sterling shared, we have to point out this makes a lot of sense considering the pressure their app services are under with both apps offering connections to delivery services. 

Beyond even that, Uber Eats generated over $1.1 billion in gross revenue off of their $6.4 billion booking fees throughout the first half of 2019 alone. That means they experience a profit of over $500 million in just half a year. 

While that sounds great, you have to understand that they definitely want to have a lot more of the profits that come from services occurring within their app. 

Hence restaurant promotions. 

Exactly. And to provide context, Yelp made just under a billion in revenue from their ads throughout 2018 while operating strictly within the US. Uber Eats on the other hand operates in over 500 cities across the entire globe.

Just think of the opportunities there then, we may see a time in a year or two in the future where Uber Eats is the titan of restaurant advertising.

It’ll definitely be something any marketer worth their weight will be watching and preparing for.

Google Is Extending Shopping Ads To YouTube

Changing lanes really quick, we also want to call out the new addition of Google Shopping ads to YouTube’s interface. 

Yup, to quote Marketing Land contributor Ginny Marvin, this is “Just in time for the holiday shopping season…” Just take a moment to consider the popularity and influence YouTube has on millenial and Gen Z culture, who make up the largest shares of consumers, and you’ll see exactly why the concept of having shopping catalogs present right in the interface will be revolutionary. 

These shopping ads are going to be present on both the YouTube homepage as well as within YouTube’s search bar results with mobile users having the potential to scroll through carousel ads. 

For all of our listeners that are marketers, we want to call out really quick that opting in to these ads is actually fairly easy. If you’re already opted into YouTube on Display Network, you’re already capable of publishing and utilizing these ads. It really is that simple.

We also want to call out that sitelink extensions are now going to be available for TrueView on action ads. Well, by now we mean within a few months, but we can quote that Google is, “currently testing sitelinks (on video ads) with 30 advertisers and that they have seen a 23% increase in conversions after adding them.”

With YouTube, or more specifically Google, saying that they’ve seen watch time for holiday shopping videos increase over 4X in the last two years, we can already promise this will make holiday shopping and advertising a lot more engaging and convenient. 

Nielsen Separating Media And Retail Businesses Internally

I couldn’t agree more, David. Moving on to our final topic now, it was also announced last week that Nielsen, the massive data and information measurement firm known for carrying out major research studies, will be splitting out their Media and Retail Measurement businesses.

David Kenny, the Chief Executive Officer of Nielsen, or more specifically now, Nielsen Media, was quoted saying, “Our decision to separate them marks a milestone in our strategic evolution and will best position each to serve the specific needs of their clients and successfully address rapidly changing dynamics in the marketplace. As two independent companies, we can better drive decision making with velocity and push key initiatives to accelerate performance enhancements of each business."

Nielsen is expecting the completion of the spin-off business to take approximately nine to twelve months with searches to identify a new chief executive of the global connect business beginning last week. 

It’s interesting to note that Nielsen restructured their media and retail groups earlier this year once as a result of what they called a financially challenging year. 

It’s also interesting that this new reorganization comes right around the same time that Comscore, another research company we spoke of last week and a main competitor, named a new chief executive officer themselves.  

Nielsen seems to be uniquely positioned to provide profits for shareholders through media and retail measurement franchises that will develop long-term success. 

Well, that pretty much covers all three of the topics we really wanted to share with you today. Be sure to head on over to FindYourTailwind.com/blog today to see a full transcript of everything we went over as well as links to further resources. Until next week, I’m David Ericson, and I’m Bri Larkin; thanks for listening.

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