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Tailwind Digital Minute Flash Briefing for February 24th, 2020

Good morning, listeners, today is Monday, February 24th and this is your Tailwind Weekly Digital Minute. I’m Kai Ciancio, Tailwind’s account coordinator and cohosting this week’s edition of the digital minute with me is our incredible intern, Harrison Sharp.

Good morning, everyone! We have a few incredible stories to share with you today ranging from potential updates to Twitter’s offerings to refreshed bing webmaster tools.

We also have a brief summary of an E-commerce category study that is showing interesting findings regarding performance compared to product detail pages in SERPs.

Now we’ve got a lot to cover and in true Tailwind fashion, we want to make it as efficient as possible so, without further ado, let’s jump in to our first story of the weak. 

Twitter Stories Might Be On The Horizon

Twitter announced, ironically on their own platform, that they acquired Stories app developer Chroma Labs, and their filter, template, and content systems last Tuesday. The Chroma Stories app is known for being what Instagram and Snapchat utilize for their own internal story related content. 

Also confirmed in the tweet by Twitter VP of Design and Research, Dantly Davis, is that Twitter will be integrating their development teams into their own product, design and engineering teams. 

Frankly, it could be said that Twitter is very behind when it comes to integrating the hit content users have been enjoying elsewhere.

Stories, as a form of content themselves, are a major appeal point for users across all demographics and, in the case of Instagram and Facebook, provide yet another key advertising unit a social site can offer brands. 

Twitter representatives have come forward quickly since the acquisition to assure users that Chroma Labs teams will be “Working to give people more creative ways to express themselves in conversations on Twitter.”

That non-declarative manner of speaking is why we hesitate to say that stories would be DEFINITELY coming to twitter, but with how well they perform in other platforms and the opportunities they create for revenue generation-

-Which is something Twitter has been VERY fixated on for the last couple of years-

We see it as a no-brainer that something creative and at least similar to stories will be on the way soon, if not stories themselves. 

For more information:

Bing Is Refreshing Their SEO/Webmaster Tools

Moving on to our second story of the week, Bing officially announced at SMX West, a major search marketing and SEO convention, that they will be implementing refreshed webmaster tools that are faster, cleaner, responsive and actionable.

Bing will be releasing a user interface update over the next few weeks but before that, there are a few new, big features that will be rolling out to pave the way. The first of these features is the introduction of Backlinks. This new reporting feature will be created from integrations between the existing inbound links report and the disavow links tool, which were existing tools in the old portal. 

In the new webmaster portal there will also be page and search traffic and keyword reports labeled under Search Performance and a new Sitemap page that is refreshed to better integrate modern formats. 

Bing representatives were quoted stating, “We are releasing the new portal to a select set of users this week and will be rolling out to all users by the 1st week of March.”

In addition there will be no API updates to correspond with Webmaster tools, meaning webmasters and SEOs will be able to obtain their data via the same API they have been with no change. 

It is worth noting that following the launch of the new webmaster portal, the company will be spending time moving all the functionality from the old portal. For a brief period there will be overlap where users can utilize both pages BUT the older format will be deprecated a few weeks after the data is included in the new portal. 

Search Engine Land contributor, Barry Schwartz, summarized why these updates are important in his article’s closing thoughts by saying that it has simply been a long time since Bing last updated their webmaster tools and this will once again benefit the SEOs and Webmasters that already utilize them.

For more information:

E-commerce Category Pages Are Outperforming Product Detail Pages

We mentioned earlier that we wanted to close on a quick summary of an E-commerce category page study that was showcasing some very interesting findings. As reported by Jill Brown, a contributor for Marketingland, “category page optimization is a valuable area to prioritize to boost your organic search rankings and traffic” and is outperforming product detail pages in SERPs.

Data culled by JumpFly and seoClarity from Google’s rankings within the US are showcasing that nearly 30 top U.S. e-commerce sites are ranking for more than 25 BILLION keywords with their category pages outperforming detail ones. The category pages are also driving more rankings, more traffic, and a greater potential to capture additional traffic through optimization. 

To quote Jill Brown’s article again, “E-commerce category pages – which include parent category, subcategory and product grid pages with faceted navigation – ranked for 19% more keywords on average than product detail pages ranked for.” 

It’s also being recognized that, despite category pages being shown to drive strong traffic, there’s a significant amount of room to improve the ranking performance. It is being estimated that, on average, category pages capture 9% of the share in search results pages… meaning that 91% of clicks are being captured by other ranking pages. 

Product detail pages, however, are only shown to capture approximately 2% of the share of voice. Fundamentally this research suggests that category pages are extremely valuable moving forward with boosting organic search rankings. 

For more information:


Well, that sums up a lot of the key points of today’s stories that we wanted to share with you. To see more about any of the stories we spoke about, head on over to where a transcript complete with links to all of our resources will be posted following this briefing’s launch. Until next week, I’m Kai Ciancio

And I’m Harrison Sharp

And this has been your Tailwind weekly digital minute. 

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