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Case Study: Media Mix for Flight Centre Delivers Nearly 800 Inquiries

Objective: Drive more inquiry volume, in store traffic and revenue on summer travel to Europe with a special offers campaign.

To do this, Tailwind ran a multi-channel, multi-device campaign that was targeted to Flight Centre’s customer personas. The paid search component targeted a variety of European travel keywords – flights, vacations, tours, trips, holidays, etc. - to reach users who were seeking assistance with planning a multi-leg journey across the continent. Custom banner ads were shown across 3rd party and the Google Display Network (GDN) in Canada to generate both demand and awareness.


Results & Metrics

• Tailwind drove 786 enquiries across search, performance display, and retargeting channels

• Cost per inquiry (CPE) was $24.00 – 69% less than the monthly average

• Retargeting inquiry volume increased by 500%

• Paid search inquiry volume increased by 400%

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Inquiries across search, performance display and retargeting channels

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Increase in Retargeting Inquiry Volume

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Increase in Paid Search Inquiry Volume

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Lower Monthly Average CPI

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