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Meeting Expert PGi Sees 116% Increase in Sales

For over 20 years, PGi has given people the tools to meet, collaborate and innovate.

For them, it's not just about the technology, it's about making it easy for people to work together from anywhere in the world with easy-to-use tools they can count on. Tailwind was charged with helping them meet aggressive sales goals and expand their customer base. So our team designed comprehensive lead generation solutions for multiple products within the PGi family including Agenday, iMeet, and GlobalMeet.

Goal: Centrally manage digital and paid-search strategies for multiple brands, rather than individually.

Results & Metrics

In order to deliver a better return to PGi, Tailwind used their AdWords budget more effectively and expanded and refined their AdWords campaigns to reach a global market.

In order to make sure their strengths shine, we studied their brand, software, and users. We applied our insights to carefully craft campaigns that resonate with the target audience and speak to each product's unique selling points.

With carefully crafted landing pages designed to convert, and expertly orchestrated AdWords campaigns that unified all of their brand family into a single account.

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Lower Cost per Acquisition for Both Brand Campaigns

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Reduction in Cost-Per-Click

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Higher Conversion Rates for Paid Search

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Higher Online Sales for GlobalMeet Audio in First 30 Days

Why it Worked:

"We needed a team. We needed partners. We couldn’t just rely on an interim solution, a small, one-man shop, managing the breadth of our campaigns. We are a $500 million company."

Jennifer Zember, Director of Digital Marketing, PGi

“We don’t have a client-vendor relationship. It’s more of a client-partner relationship. We’re really partnering together, versus being just the vendor and the order taker.”

Christy Cole, General Manager, Tailwind

“I’m a big believer in the agency relationship. Sitewire has set the bar really high for any other agency. They make themselves easy to do business with, and they make my team look like rock stars.”

Jennifer Zember

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