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Congrats, you’ve got data.   

They said you need data if you really want to leverage the power of digital. What they didn’t tell you is where to look and how to use it. We can help you collect the right data, analyze it effectively, and test it correctly so you see tangible results.

They may be right, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. Collecting data just to have data is counterproductive; you need a strategy, tactics, tools, and testing to see measurable results – to get achieve meaningful ROI. You need insights and expertise to distill your data into actionable information. You need Tailwind.  


What we do:


Channel Attribution Modeling

Optimization is critical to achieving the best results from your marketing mix and requires attributing value to the specific digital channels you’re using. We employ statistical formulas to design and compare various channel attribution models in order to identify the most effective mix and gain insight into particular combinations and interactions. Evaluating your aggregate marketing mix and applying appropriate techniques can significantly improve your results.   


Profit Modeling

Are your paid media campaigns performing as expected? If they’re being managed according to CPA or ROI goals, you may be able to achieve greater results using custom profit modeling. By assessing certain facets of your campaigns – including margins and post-lead nurture, we can design and compare multiple profit models, allowing us to create paid media campaigns that have and more positive impact your bottom line.    


A/B Testing

Despite its perceived simplicity, A/B testing is still a heavyweight when developing and deploying campaigns. While modeling determines what are likely to be the best-performing campaign and mixes, confirmation can’t be gained until they’ve been executed. A/B testing will identify which is most effective, providing a proven foundation from which to further refine your approach. As these refinements are implemented, further A/B testing is conducted, and occurs on scheduled basis.    

Opinions of ad copy or a landing page don't work in this business, but an 150% increase in conversion rate on a landing page from testing a call to action does. We let the numbers do the talking and A/B testing is one of the best ways to make data driven decisions. What do we test? To name a few - ad copy, could be headlines, description lines or even display URLs, landing page v1 versus v2. Whatever we are testing, it's done on a regular basis so we can constantly improve.


Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing is like A/B testing on crack. We take multiple variations (versus two isolated versions in an A/B), to find the winning combination. Multivariate can be tricky. For an effective test - each variable needs to have quantifiable effect on the metric we are testing for. If not, we might be looking at an A/B test.


Design of Experiments

When it comes to converting leads, we don’t just cross our fingers and hope for results.

We optimize the conversion “funnel” by conducting experiments designed using a systematic process. Experiments involve factors such as motivation, value proposition, incentives, friction, and anxiety, which are then examined more deeply for nuances specific to the audience and personas. Conversion paths are then mapped using prioritized testing sequence. The result?  Higher conversation rates. Design of experiments can also be impactful outside of the paid media focus.


Google Analytics Audits and Optimization

Google Analytics’ user-friendly platform can sometimes disguise its robust capabilities – which means it’s quite easy to get the setup wrong. When working with Google Analytics, we initially perform an audit – assessing the viability and effectiveness of the existing set according to specific objectives, and then continue with its optimization if desired by the client. We also perform Google Analytics Migrations, ongoing support, account management, and even the implementation of Universal Analytics.      


Tableau Reporting and Builds

Data is worthless unless you can make sense of it. Making sense of data is easier said than done, trust us, we’ve been there. There is a problem in this industry in making complex data simple which is why we have a honed in focus through our Analytics and Business Intelligence service. We found an amazing data aggregation partner (whom we will keep a secret from the interwebs), to help us make sense of the BILLIONS of pieces of data coming our way. That let’s our team drill down to X conversion rate for X campaign so you can show your boss how awesome you are. We will also give you easy access to our customizable dashboards via Tableau – because that tool is just so fancy.

Find Your Tailwind.

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