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Lead generation is a simple concept. But connecting it to your bottom line isn't.

We can get you leads all day, but that doesn't equate to more money. It's about quality, not quantity, and if we had a secret sauce - that would be it. 

If your lead generation strategy is underdeveloped, everything else you do is irrelevant.  You not only have to identify your customer, you have to find them. You’ve got to grab their attention and then convince them to take action. If there’s a gap in there somewhere, you’ve failed. Our approach to lead generation fills those gaps, creating a smooth and intuitive path to your doorstep.    


What we do:

Paid Media Strategy

The key word here is strategy – it’s overused but under-defined. We bet you’ve seen paid media strategies based solely on publishers and channels, but in our eyes, those aren’t strategies, only elements of a strategy. Throwing out Google paid search or Xaxis display buy doesn’t get to the heart of the matter. We recommend (and develop) comprehensive Paid Media Strategies, because they will always yield better results. What do we mean, “comprehensive?” Not “complex,” if that’s what you’re thinking.

The starting point is really a no-brainer – identify and understand business objectives and your core audience. The stronger your grasp of these two elements the more straightforward the development of your strategy will be. Aligning perspectives, behaviors, and context with your product or service will allow you to identify the most effective publishers and channels.    


Paid Media Auditing

Don’t be shy, we know designing and deploying a streamlined and effective paid media program is tough. We can relieve the pressure, but we’ll need to determine where it’s coming from – which means identifying the good, the bad, and the ugly, or in other words, where your program is performing, where it isn’t, and where it’s failing miserably. Don’t take it personally, you’re not alone.

We can peek at your Adwords or the bid automation tools and folders, or we can dive deeper and assess your display campaigns, video strategy, retargeting audiences, device efficiency, and even time-of-day effectiveness. We want to make you the star by achieving (and even exceeding) the results that you expect.  


Paid Media Planning & Buying

Remember that comprehensive Paid Media Strategy we mentioned earlier – this is where the magic happens. We know where your core audience is and what they’re thinking. We understand the value we’re offering them and precisely when and where we should present it. Combine this knowledge with our expertise and insights and we’ll provide detailed budget recommendation and projections that will make paid media planning and buying a breeze.


Paid Search Optimization

You’ve got to strategize before you can optimize, and you must optimize if you want to maximize (results, ROI, profits).  We’ve addressed the strategy bit, here’s what we think about optimization: In Paid media, the tolerances are tight – like a high-performance engine. If you don’t complete regular adjustments and maintain proper levels of lubricants, the whole thing will run rough until it breaks down completely. The moving parts in paid media are technology and people. When the appropriate tech tools are meshed with expert, intuitive minds, things start moving toward your business goals. So whether it’s your engine that breaks down or your Paid Media program, you’re not going to reach your destination.


Search Engine Optimization Strategy & Support

Generating leads, engagement, and positive experiences through search engine optimization has been in our roots for over a decade. Paired with content strategy, UX/UI, and information architecture, our technically experienced SEO team has driven results for local start-ups and global brands. Creating an easy integration between organic and paid, Tailwind starts with an audit and prioritized roadmap for your website or new web build, ensuring that your money is well-spent.


Site Retargeting

This channel is no longer considered a sweetener (at least by us), but a necessary ingredient in every Paid Media recipe. Previous site visitors have had a taste, but you’ve got to keep whetting their appetites – which entails knowing where they are in the buying cycle and presenting a relevant message. A single retargeting ad has little impact, but if you can create a retargeting plan that leverages your channel mix, you can get previous visitors to return and order the entire entrée. We make a killer soufflé, by the way.


Paid Social

Are you a social being? Don’t answer, we already Googled you, lol.  We know your potential customers certainly are. And while social media offers some great opportunities, using it to your advantage requires business intelligence . . . and emotional intelligence. When engaging with people in their personal space, you’ve got to move politely and with purpose. Be a good listener before you make your move. Establish a genuine and credible persona and don’t smother them. We’ll help you be the friend they rely on for advice, not the annoying kid down the street who would show up on your porch every morning asking you to play ball.


Conversion Rate Optimization

Here we go again, playing with words that have multiple meanings. Like conversion. The term is unique to every business; it may be when your sales team receives a completed survey, or perhaps when a demo is scheduled. Here’s an example we can all relate to; you’ve clicked on a digital ad and land on a site requesting your email address. Do you give it to them? Conversion rate in this case is the ratio of people who clicked on the ad to the number who actually provided their email address.  The objective of conversion rate optimization, in this example, is to get those numbers to be as close as possible.  We’ll help you identify and remove the barriers that are deterring your audience.

Find Your Tailwind.

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