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With each paid media audit, Tailwind provides actionable campaign improvement recommendations to drive significant performance gains.

Identify Goals & Objectives

Define and evaluate Goals & Objectives, providing insight on performance, leading indicators, realistic targets, and reporting effectiveness.

Best Optimization Practices

Review optimization practices like bid strategies, delivery method, rotation, use of attribution modeling and more. Provide recommendations on best practices for the particular channel. Analyze budget efficiency and opportunity. Dig into keyword strategy, crossover, quality, negatives, and more.

Actionable Recommendations

Provide actionable recommendations categorized by priority and level of effort to allow for immediate impact on performance. Improve ROI, CTR, Conversion Rate, Profits, Quality Scores, and more.

Audit Media Transparency

Tailwind will review existing publisher, agency, and vendor relationships to audit media transparency and markup. This is a huge topic in the industry lately and we are known for being a trusted, transparent partner for over 10 years.

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Paid Media Auditing In Action

Tailwind partnered with Meeting Expert PGi to audit their campaigns. Ultimately providing actionable next steps, this work resulted in 116% increase in sales.
Results & Metrics:

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