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Get more for your money.

For nearly two decades, the Tailwind team has helped Fortune 500 companies like Aetna, Persil, Loctite, Sage, Avnet, Sophos, Olive Garden, and Insight leverage their paid media investment to drive improved performance and quality, impacting the bottom line. Tailwind’s consulting arm now brings our paid media, performance display, business intelligence, and analytics expertise to all sizes of businesses. This allows us to leverage our dedicated publisher relationships, technology expertise, and full team to infuse a boost into your initiatives.


Where we can help:


Paid Media Auditing

With each paid media audit, Tailwind provides actionable campaign improvement recommendations to drive significant performance gains.

Google Analytics Auditing 

Get more out of Google Analytics to drive stronger insights, faster improvements, and larger performance gains. Ensure that you are running on clean data to make more profitable business decisions.

Attribution Modeling 

What if you had the key to spend more efficiently, bring in more leads, increase sales, improve profits, and lower CPA? With attribution modeling, you can make impactful decisions by better understanding customer behavior and touchpoints. Leveraging this insight to optimize your media mix, Attribution Modeling can be the key to the boost in performance you need.


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