It’s your move, so make it.

Make the leap to Tailwind – we’ll give you the opportunity to spread your wings a fly.

During their lifetimes, Americans spend an average of 90,000 hours at work. That’s 11,250 days. Almost 31 years. So stop dreading Mondays, stop looking at the clock. Join Tailwind, and you’ll look at work in an entirely different light. Of course that means getting to know one another before making such an important commitment, so our hiring process involves the following.




Keep an eye on our open positions, and when one aligns with your skills, background, and experience – go for it! See all current open positions to the right. If you'd like to be considered for other future positions, please send us a note.


If we think we’re a potential fit, our recruiter will arrange a telephone interview. This casual conversation will break the ice and give us both some insight into who we are, who we want to be, and how we’d like to get there.


So we broke the ice and we were warmed by your wisdom, personality, and enthusiasm. Now we’d like you to come by so we can meet the real you.  You’ll spend time with several members of the team to discuss your experience and capabilities in more depth, and to get a feel for your communication style. You’ll also learn more about our culture, values, structure, and perks.


We’ve talked the talk, so the next step is to walk the walk. We’ll present a hypothetical work scenario that will allow us to observe team dynamics, efficiency, and output. We’ll see if our values align, and how good your excel skills really are.


Now comes the moment of truth – for both of us. Are we confident this relationship can be fruitful? Can we envision working with each other every day Can you help us better serve our clients and can we provide you with opportunities to grow professionally and personally? If so, we’ll present you with an offer of employment – and you’ll hopefully accept!