So you’re changing your name without a website transition--what now? Taking on a new brand is a little like assuming a new identity. Except in this case, you want to be found--so you’ve got to give people searching for you a few hints along the way. Changing a brand name without a heavy transition on the web comes with some risks. Without making substantial changes to site con ...

The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) was passed in June by the California state legislature. Effective January 1, 2020, it outlines new protections for California residents regarding the collection and sale of personal information. As the first law of its kind to enact such strict regulations on the sale of consumer data within the U.S., especially by a large state like California, it sets the pace for what may become the future of data driven marketing–and that’s exciting.

  This year’s Google Marketing Live event set the buzzword world of marketing on fire this year. After all, Google Adwords is dead. Cue Google Ads, perhaps the only time Google has ever taken a page out of Bing. This year we learned every good Google presentation is built upon three core concepts, starting with Google’s primary principles; Valuable, Transparent and Trustwort ...

Be sure to optimize for voice...voice search is all about the long tail search queries…it is the year of voice. Of course all these things are very true. Have you stopped to really think about voice search, and started to wonder; what is the point? Is this relevant for my business right now? Isn't this going to pull traffic away from my website? Let’s use a healthcare marketi ...

Facebook is getting rid of their Partner Categories ad targeting over the next few months. While this will affect businesses that heavily rely on third-party data, these changes are not surprising. In fact, they can help increase transparency online.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is going to take effect in May. It shows a crackdown on data privacy and security and will lead to changes in data tracking for any business that operates in Europe. The changes lead to more consumer control over their data, and being caught unaware can lead to significant fines.

The Year of Voice. If the decade-long ‘Year of Mobile’ was any indication, we’ll be hearing this statement for quite some time. It’s unquestionable, though, as marketing professionals and business people, we need to make our Voice roadmap a priority. From interns to the C-suite, understanding the broad categories will help advertisers organize how we want to think about Voice trends and implications.

If you’ve turned on the news sometime in the last six months, you’ve probably heard someone either laud or bemoan the repeal of Net Neutrality. It’s the hot-button issue that’s set the internet on fire over the last year; but how much of the fuss is truly warranted?

Tailwind has put together a point of view all around the Facebook newsfeed story. Read about some of our best practices to get ahead of these algorithm changes. Read our take on this news story what it could mean for brands on social. We would love to chat about this and how this could affect your company's presence on social. 


Location tracking data is getting creepy, and marketers can’t brush it off.

For marketers, understanding consumer behavior can be incredibly frustrating. How can we prove the impact of online advertising when an entire world exists outside of our computer screens? Transactions don’t just take place via online shopping carts - real-world conversions represent a large, and very difficult to attribute, a segment of conversions. It’s easy to feel like the impact of digital marketing isn’t being recognized when the data never seems to stretch far enough.