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Our team is a force to be reckoned with.

We don’t just drive digital. We do digital differently.

Digital media isn't about technology - it's about people. Because people don't connect with technology, they are empowered by technology to connect with other people. The whole point of doing digital is to streamline the process so you can spend less money and make more profit. So why does your existing digital agency cause you to spend less time working and more time waiting? We reduce resistance and create momentum by combining your account director, digital strategist, and project manager into a single person – a patient, responsive, and motivated expert.

Tailwind combines the versatility and speed of technology with human compassion and insights to move the conversation forward. We are people driven by results and a team nimble by design. We act with transparency and are approachable by nature. Not only do we create digital media that connects with people, we’re also the type of people you can trust to have your back.


Leslie DeMent

Managing Director


Christy Cole

VP, Operational Performance

Ryan Gudmundson

Director of Search

Alex Kulpinski

Senior Media Analyst

Amy Warter

Reporting & Data Manager


Andrew Karlovsky

Business Intelligence Analyst

Priscilla Plazola

Media Analyst

Mathew Nelson

Senior Media Analyst

Bri Larkin

Marketing Intern

Dave Ericson

Search Intern

Mackenzie Nance

Paid Media Intern

Margie Traylor


Bret Giles


Find Your Tailwind.

With us behind you, you'll reach your destination faster.